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Colombo was the first to introduce folding umbrella in Kerala, followed by 3 fold umbrellas and 4/5 fold umbrellas. We possess 100 plus types of umbrellas ranging from Bubble to Beach Umbrella manufactures, Capsule to Golf models, Rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal and so on. We are also well known printed umbrella manufacturers in India. The components we are using for the manufacturing of umbrellas are the best available in the globe. Skilled man-power supervised by experts in the line, deployment of automatic machines and stringent quality tests contribute to make “Colombo, a perfect umbrella."

The enterprise having crossed its Golden Jubilee, is held along smartly by the sons of C.K. Kasmi, headed by K.N. Marzook and K.N. Fajar and their Son's Ijaz Marzook and Nihal Kasmi, committed to achieve even greater glories in terms of quality and service.

The other fields which Colombo group interested include Textiles, Fabric, Readymade Garments for mens, Electronic & Home Appliances, Furniture, Construction.

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